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Chaos Theory (the reality of moving!)

Chaos Theory (the reality of moving!)

Project Relocation: Before we embarked on this crazy adventure I spent hours searching the internet for blogs, articles, websites, everything and anything that would give me some info remotely, for those of you out there doing the same here is a little insight into our relocation story.

Part 3:

I would be lying if I let you think it was that easy, but looking back on it now it feels like it was but what really happened was on the Wednesday hubby did the 7 hour round trip to book the cats into a cattery and pick up the removal van we had booked. The next 48 hours were intense and after a day of frantically cleaning, packing, skipping and tears as we bid farewell to my family. We slept in the lounge ( as the rest of the house wasn’t to be touched) on blow-up camping mattresses, in sleeping bags with no blinds, well I say we slept, at 11 pm that night we realised not everything would fit so we had to do an emergency run to my sisters to leave as much as we could with her. It was 12.30 am before we even managed to think about getting some sleep and then we had to deal with the beds constantly deflating, it was a nightmare, the poor girls didn’t moan once but hubby and I seriously needed to try and get some shut-eye before the drive ahead. We managed about 2 1/2 -3 hours sleep and then just decided to go for it and hit the road, the girls could sleep in the van and we’d have a clear run on the roads. And just like that we were gone and ready for the next chapter of our lives, when we made it across the border into Cornwall there were cheers from us all over hands-free as we were split across the car and removals van.

But where to now? Well, the week before hubby had booked a viewing on a rental property, now I need to warn you the rental property market in Cornwall is ridiculous, as soon as properties were listed they were being taken and no one would let us secure a property without viewing it. Agents weren’t interested in taking our calls or ringing us back and trying to get any information out of them was challenging, to say the least, all we were getting was look on Rightmove but a lot of the time they didn’t state whether the would take cats. We were beginning to think we would have to camp out in Cornwall until we found somewhere, and I mean that literally!! (Oh and I forgot to mention we have three cats, so no one really wanted us either!)

But we had luck on our side and hubby had secured us a rental, the only one we found that would take our extensive feline family, so it was obviously meant to be, the only thing was it wouldn’t be ready for nearly a week but we were now in a position where we had an address so we could start securing the girls’ school placements, doctors, change our address and all the other urgent admin bits.

Once we had unloaded everything at the storage facility in Redruth it was time to find a bed for the night and whilst the other half had been thinking of camping, the girls and I were thinking spa so we headed off to the Fowey Hall Hotel for a desperately needed minibreak. It had been a long time since we’d had a holiday we had cancelled our summer holiday due to the uncertainty surrounding our moving date. I can not tell you enough how amazing it was to finally be in Cornwall and to get started on the newest chapter of our lives, the fact that it began by being waited on and looked after at a hotel and spa didn’t hurt either. We had never done a family retreat before and I have to admit the thought of being surrounded by other peoples children and fellow frazzled parents is the stuff of my nightmares, however, this place was amazing and I definitely recommend it.

We were booked in until Monday when hubby would have to leave to return to the Cotswolds for work, but the property wasn’t ready until Tuesday and unable to extend our visit at Fowey Hall (as it was the height of the summer season) the girls and I hotel hopped to a Travel Inn nearer the rental. It was then up to me to move us all in, secure school placements, make us a family home and make sure the girls were ok and not feeling unsettled and anxious, I knew this was going to be a challenge but one I was going to have to tackle head first.


I hope you find my personal account of our relocation of interest. If you are thinking of doing the same, or already have embarked on a relocation I would love to hear from you, please feel free to leave a comment or share with me your story. If you are thinking of moving to Cornwall, specifically the Falmouth/ Truro area and you have any questions that I may be able to help with please ask away and I will do my best to answer where I can. 

And make sure to tag me in your own Cornish adventures with the hashtag #snippetsfromcornwall



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